Voice and Speech coaching with
Ingrid St Clare

Clear, natural, self-assured speech enhances your personal authority, makes the most of your unique expertise and helps you achieve your goals.

Communication Skills

  • Discover how to give excellent presentations with natural authority, presence and impact.
  • Enhance your self-confidence in any given situation, allowing you to come across as naturally relaxed and at ease.
  • Develop your personal communication styles for serious business interactions as well as informal situations.

Ingrid St Clare helps you give inspiring presentations, feel confident in meetings and interviews and enhance all aspects of your communication. From her base in Leicestershire and the East Midlands, she coaches individuals and small groups from around the UK.

With a wealth of experience in Speaking, Communication and Personal Development, Ingrid currently provides training and coaching for a variety of people. Whether you're a senior executive looking for help with a competitive pitch, a teacher wanting more confidence talking to a room full of students, or a presenter addressing an international conference, Ingrid can help with all aspects of spoken communication.

Ingrid St Clare offers coaching and training for those seeking to develop confidence, clarity and excellence in their communications. Ingrid’s distinctive approach focuses on each individual’s unique qualities.

You can email or telephone to ask your questions or find out more.

Email: istc@voiceandspeech.co.uk

Telephone: 01858 461 891

Mobile: 07905 181 994


Presentations, Confidence & Elocution


Delivery of conference speech, prepared talk or paper including first impressions, audience engagement and impact.

Voice and speech training
Focussing on posture, breathing, tone of voice, diction and expression to enhance your speaking voice for any occasion.

Finding and boosting your ability to speak confidently and with self-assurance whatever the situation, whether business or social.

Natural authority
Combining an understanding of voice and speech with principles of movement and body language to radiate natural authority.

Accents, dialects and elocution
Reduce the impact of regional or foreign accents and dialects so you're more readily understood and communicate more effectively. Ingrid's work is also helpful for stammering or loss of voice.

Presentations and Public Speaking
If you’ve ever enjoyed a Ted talk, you’ll know how important preparation and support are for delivering a stunning presentation. Enjoy working with a coach who’ll give you all the pointers and suggestions for showcasing your subject with style.

Body language
Understand how body language is key to getting your message across. Discover the natural dynamics of movement, exploring how we stand, sit, breathe, walk and rest for optimum functioning. Ingrid St Clare uses the principles of Aston® Kinetics, one of the finest movement awareness systems available and trained personally with Judith Aston in California.

What is elocution?
“A generic term, popular in the twentieth century, including breathing, diction, enunciation, inflexion, intonation, modulation, projection and dramatic impact with a focus on speaking the Queen's English or Received Pronunciation!” Ingrid St Clare. All this is not essential for excellent communication but the useful bits will be included!

For more information on how Ingrid's training can help with your particular interests, please feel free to contact her today.

Email: istc@voiceandspeech.co.uk

Telephone: 01858 461 891

Mobile: 07905 181 994

What would you like help with? 01858 461 891

Coaching, Training & Courses

* All consultations, coaching and personal sessions are strictly confidential
to help individuals address their specific needs.

Personal One-to-one Coaching

Typically with a series of 3-5 meetings spaced over a few weeks and generally taking place at Ingrid's studio.

There may also be additional telephone support.

Small Group Seminars

Where two to four people in an organisation have similar aims, it may be beneficial to run a series of half day or day seminars.

This may be combined with some personal coaching.


Regular one day or afternoon courses on a variety of topics for members of the public (delegate numbers limited).

Please enquire for details, dates, weekdays or weekends.


Commission your own full day training courses for larger groups taking place at your workplace or an outside venue.

Ever thought of getting help with OFFICE FUNCTION and WEDDING SPEECHES?

Make sure your event is memorable, inspiring, never boring...
and generates laughter, fun and warmth!

Many people wonder whether some help with their voice and speech would make a difference. Often they’re reluctant to let others know of their insecurities. Confidentiality is at the heart of Ingrid’s work. People want to be sure they still sound like themselves, appear at ease whilst expressing their natural authority and clear message.

About Ingrid St Clare

Ingrid St Clare
Diploma in Remedial Speech
Diploma in Speech and Drama (RSAMD)
Member of the British Voice Association

Ingrid St Clare has a wealth of experience in voice, communication and personal development having worked in theatre, education and the professions for more than thirty years.

She was an associate with corporate communications consultancies for many years. In this role she provided training and individual coaching to senior executives in a range of blue-chip companies and professional firms, helping clients prepare for high pressure situations such as conference presentations, media interviews and competitive pitches.

Currently she works with individuals committed to their personal or career development in business, politics, acting and the professions.

She studied at Manchester University and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD), taught speech and performance in Drama Schools in London and California, becoming an Associate Director of The Drama Studio, all inspiring an interest in the human voice which is fundamental to her work.

Ingrid is also available for recorded voice for audio books, interactive telephone and technical systems, lifts, as well as for TV and radio.